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Exercise and pregnancy

There was a time when it was considered inappropriate to exercise while pregnant. However, now it is widely acknowledged by both medical and fitness professionals that appropriate exercise during pregnancy, and immediately following the birth of your baby, can deliver many benefits for most women.

  • Exercise can help you to better manage some of the symptoms of pregnancy.
  • It can deliver enjoyment and more energy.
  • It can help you to better manage your weight and stress levels.

Dr Musa recognises the value of strength and movement exercises for pregnant and post-natal women. During your next consultation, ask whether this kind of exercise might be suitable for you.

Strength and movement exercise while pregnant

Your body and your health undergoes significant changes during pregnancy. Strength and movement exercise will not only make you feel better because you know you are doing something good for yourself and your baby, it will:

  • strengthen your back muscles – this is particularly important as your belly grows
  • improve your posture and circulation
  • prepare you for labour
  • offer a faster recuperation from labour
  • prepare you for the physical demands of being a busy mum.

It’s important that the level of exercise you undertake suits your health and the stage of your pregnancy. Let your body and Dr Musa be your guide.

Strength and movement exercise post-natal

Life gets busy after your baby is born. As a mum, it’s easy to put your needs behind everyone else’s. However, you’ll be better able to cope with the demands that are placed upon you if your body is strong and healthy. Strength and movement exercise post-natal will:

  • help you to achieve your pre-pregnancy weight, posture and body strength sooner
  • strengthen your pelvic floor
  • strengthen your abdomen
  • give you the energy you need for your busy life

Talk to Dr Musa about how soon you can start exercise after giving birth. You can usually begin pelvic floor and lower tummy muscle exercises as soon as you are ready. However, you may need to wait until your body has recovered from your baby’s birth before you begin other more strenuous exercises.

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Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology (GOG) offers strength and movement classes led by specialist trainer Trish Russell on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Contact GOG to find out more.

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