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Antenatal Care & Schedule

Dr Musa will care for you during pregnancy and deliver your baby in the majority of cases. Our priority is you and your baby’s well-being, and hence we have a roster system that allows for a well-rested and skilled obstetrician to be available. Details of on call arrangement are listed under “Practice Info”.

Where will I give birth?

Dr Musa delivers mostly at the Greenslopes Private Hospital . Dr Musa also has credentialling at Mater Mothers Hospital.

At what stage of my pregnancy do I first need to see an obstetrician?

We prefer to see you for your first appointment around 7 -9 weeks of pregnancy. We encourage your partner to attend as well.

Please bring with you the referral letter from your family doctor and any pathology and Ultrasound scan reports relevant to the pregnancy. We will also need to know your Medicare and health fund details (if you are in a fund).

Our friendly receptionist will explain your pregnancy care procedure, our fee program in detail.

It is also important to registrar at the Greenslopes  Private Hospitals  .This can be done online through the Greenslopes maternity website or by ringing the maternity unit directly .

What Happens at the first antenatal visit.

A complete medical assessment will be done, the dates of the pregnancy established and management plan will be outlined.  Depending on your dates, the first visit may involve a discussion on screening tests for Down’s syndrome and other genetic issues.

Ultrasounds can be performed at the rooms when indicated. Print outs of images can be done, or if you have a clear USB flash drive, electronic images can be taken for you. We use ultrasound at most appointment because it provides a greater degree of accuracy and reassurance. It’s also a bonding thing – parents love to see their babies.

If you elect to have a “Nuchal Translucency” scan at 11-14 weeks gestation to assess Down syndrome risk, you will be referred outside the practice to a dedicated obstetric ultrasound centre. You will be similarly referred for your routine “Morphology” scan at 18-20 weeks.

Subsequent Antenatal Visits

Prior to 20 weeks antenatal visits do not have to be particularly frequent. Thereafter you will usually need to attend monthly until 28 weeks, and then fortnightly until 36 weeks, and weekly until your baby is born. If there are any issues you may be asked to attend more frequently.

These visits are usually straightforward. They are necessary to check your progress in pregnancy, to identify problems and to address any queries or concerns you may have. Attendance of antenatal classes is recommended, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

26- 28 Week Gestation:

You will be be screened for Gestational Diabetes.  If the diagnostic test is positive, your pregnancy will need additional care and you will be referred to a diabetes specialist for further medical advice. The request will include the 2nd screening tests for anaemia and red cell antibodies, If you are Rhesus Negative blood group, you will need anti-D injections at 28 and 34 weeks.

36 weeks

If the baby is presenting feet first (Breech) at this stage, option of turning the baby will be discussed or consideration of caesarean section. A swab screening for Group B Strep infection is recommended at this gestation.

40-41 Week Gestation Hospital Antenatal Clinic:

1 in 10 pregnant women will be overdue for more than a week. Your doctor will discuss with you the option of labour induction.

How and when to seek medical advice:

You can call your obstetrician rooms or if it is after hours, the Maternity Desk of the hospital you are booked at, for any concerns that you may have during pregnancy, especially the following:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Persistent abdominal pain
  • Leakageof fluid from the birth canal
  • High fever
  • Concern about baby’s movement
  • Severe headache with changes in your vision

Telephone advice and counselling

During office hours, telephone enquiries regarding matters related to your pregnancy, whether they may seem major or minor, are welcome. If not available arrangements will be made for Dr Musa to call you back as soon as possible.

To speak directly with a team member please call 1300 464 464
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